John Anderson
John Anderson

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 John Anderson


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 John lives in Corpus Christi. He loves to build things and to grow things, and he's very good at both! John has the largest private bromeliad collection in Texas. He won the best of show blue ribbons at the June 2000 International Bromeliad Society show in San Francisco. He engineered his greenhouses, irrigation systems, ventilation systems, and soil making machine. He even built his own climate controlled trailer for transporting his bromeliads to the show in San Francisco. John is quite active in the bromeliad world and he encourages anyone interested in growing bromeliads to join the Bromeliad Society International.

One of John's many out side collections.


 Tilandsia hybrid
Creation Tilandsia hybrid

 Out Yonder Station
John in the Way Out Yonder Station

 Aechmea politii
Aechmea politii

 Aechmea dactylia
Aechmea dactylia
John's green-houses are mosic of tropical flora


Behind John, is his name-sake "Aechmea andersonii"

 Ken, John A., Van, Mike and John V.
John, with some serious plant loving PSST members

 Alice, Gaby and Thad PSST members
The hottest day of the year "103F", some PSST members take refuge next to a wall of water (a Texas sized swamp cooler)

 Garden Image Gallery: January - June

Garden Image Gallery: July - December 

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