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August 2000
Start of a new growing season
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Welcome to our Garden: Corpus Christi, Texas
Lat. 27: 46N - Long. 097: 30W - Elv. 13
Growing Season Days - 330 : First Frost - Dec.25 : Last Frost - Feb.4
Average Monthly Temperatures
Jan. 56.3 : Feb. 59.3 : Mar. 65.9 : Apr. 73 : May 78 : June 82.7
July 84.9 : Aug. 85 : Sept. 81.5 : Oct. 74 : Nov. 65 : Dec. 59.1
Yearly Annual Rainfall 30 inches
Zone 9
Low for the month 72 : High for the month 103 : Rainfall .96" Year to Date 14.19"
We started our garden in the spring 1997, and it is still under construction
This is our third full growing season

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On the Texas Riviera at Corpus Christi

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Phoenix roebelenii and Trachycarpus

Piper auritum (Root Beer Plant) and Rhapis excelsa (Lady Palm)

Phoenix roebelenii loaded with seed

Tillandsia duratii

Livistona chinensis leaves, Wodyetia bifurcata trunk, and Rhapis excelsa leaf, in the foreground.

Musa ssp and Syagrus romanzoffiana


Otatea aztecorum (Mexican Weeping Bamboo).

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