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 Rhapis excelsa

 Cycas revoluta

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 Carica papaya

John Anderson's Bromeliads

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 Strelitzia nicolai
Images of the Giant Bird of Paradise in a progressive series of photographs from start to finish of the flowering process.

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Mangos Tropical Jungle

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Prime Palm Mail Order - Good Selection - Excellent Quality - Fair Prices - of Hardy Palms & Cycads! Also a PSST member

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Cloud's End
One of the Best Image Gallerys from our friends in Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Palm Oddity 1
A two headed Rhapis excelsa 'green variegated'

Palm Oddity 2
Sabal minor 'variegated'

 The Rhapis Gardens
One of the best Palms for the home or office. Check it out, from the Lady who wrote the book, on Lady Palms (Lynn Mckamey). A PSST member

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 The Tropical Look by Robert L. Riffle

 For more information on these plants, and other tropical or tropical looking plants, check out Robert Lee Riffles new book The Tropical Look An Encyclopedia of Dramatic Landscape Plants. Winner of the 1999 American Horticultural Society "book of the year"


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Fresh seed from Tropical to Zones 7-8 plus free shipping!

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