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Friends and vector control

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Welcome to our Garden: Corpus Christi, Texas
Lat. 27: 46N - Long. 097: 30W - Elv. 13
Growing Season Days - 330 : First Frost - Dec.25 : Last Frost - Feb.4
Average Monthly Temperatures
Jan. 56.3° : Feb. 59.3° : Mar. 65.9° : Apr. 73° : May 78° : June 82.7°
July 84.9° : Aug. 85° : Sept. 81.5° : Oct. 74° : Nov. 65° : Dec. 59.1°
Yearly Annual Rainfall 30 inches
Zone 9
Our 4th Growing Season at Shadow Wood Tropical Gardens

Critters in and around our garden

Rat Snake in the Rhapis





Tree Frog

American Alligator

Tortoise Berlandiers

Green Garden Snake


Rose Bellied
Fence Lizard

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